finding eco……

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

The option to live a greener life is all around us.

From the first cup of coffee in the morning to how we choose to go to work, how we work, where we work, what we choose to do…..what we wear to do it…. Our food choices, where we we eat….what we eat….. Where we relax, how we relax….where we travel to….how often and by what method of transport…..where we live,  in what we live…and how we live in it – all  have an element to a greater or lesser degree of conscious choice.

Our every day choices can protect or destroy  the future of our world.

My mission is to show the millions of us  who want to, or already have,  started change their every day  habits and by making ‘eco’ choices that ‘going green’ no longer requires a trade-off with comfort,  design, taste, ergonomics, style or quality….I have travelled the world in search of the ultimate eco-icons that confirm that the compromise is over. Going green has never looked so good or felt so good….

Every week I will post my list of top 20 ‘eco-wonders’ and would like to extend my invitation to you to join me in the global search of the ultimate ‘eco icons’.

You are out there in the world…you will know of a brilliant local designer maker,that only uses sustainable materials and creates sublime objects of desire….the amazingly haunting scents coming from a kitchen table of a local perfume maker using organic oils…the hidden tree house made of sustainable wood that the local architects have designed….the best recycled porcelain egg cup….

Send me your posts of your ultimate eco -icons and together we will show that we can widen the reach of people embracing eco who to-date perhaps have resisted because they were not personally willing to compromise on design & style in order to embrace a greener lifestyle by choosing eco products because they were unable to find products that fulfilled both design and green criterias. the search is over. I will edit all your eco-wonders and compile my weekly top 20 eco objects of desire from them….which you could vote on and each week I will post the ’star eco-icon’ that you have chosen.

3 thoughts on “finding eco……

  1. Beautiful! You’re amazing! What a great, diverse group of eco products! I especially love the hotel in Spain, and the teak “drip” wood table.

    • many thanks……so glad you love those too….would love to hear of any eco icons that you may have discovered…..

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