my top 20 ‘eco icons’ list

Finding wabi sabi in Palamos , Northern Spain.

Finding wabi sabi in Palamos , Northern Spain.

Eco Icon No.1 .

Wooden Bench. Palamos .Northern Spain.

This bench , with it’s gently worn patina ,perfectly aligned with the horizon

of the sea embodies the timeless elemental essence  of Wabi Sabi and provides

a constant element amongst the ever changing tableau vivant of the sea. It is where

time in all its formats meet ,providing the perfect environment to re-connect with

what matters and value all the wonders of our world that money can’t buy.

2 thoughts on “my top 20 ‘eco icons’ list

  1. Love what you’re doing, congratulations, and now that the world is getting increasingly design-orientated at all levels, having a vehicle that finally draws attention to the fact that Eco can LOOK good, as well as BE good, is a wonderful thing. On a day to day level, it’s easy to get lost in micro subjectivity, living in capitalist cultures, as most of us do – what becomes absorbing, and distracting, are our mortgage interest rates, shopping, and daily lists of stuff to do. Ironically I think what Richard Branson is doing with Virgin Galactic, and his environmentally friendly space access system – space tourism – may become a powerful vehicle of change – and that the ability of humans ( albeit just the wealthy ones right now ) to see our planet from the outside – from a distance – from space – will produce a powerful and spreading awareness of our earth’s fragility and vulnerability. We need that Objectivity. The famous “blue marble” photos taken of earth by Apollo 17 in 1977 created the beginnings of the modern environmental movement – and many astronauts are now fervent environmentalists. The experience of that vision will slowly become more commonplace, to more people – just like regular plane travel did after its invention – and the word will spread fast that we live on a beautiful jewel, that could so easily be consumed and lost, and that the only insurance we have, is our Awareness, and the desire to perpetuate our lives, and the lives of our children, with a different value system, and with sustainability and replenishment.

  2. thanks so much for your post….. sometimes we have to look up skywards to see the jewels we have at our feet.

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