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Annina Vogel  Victorian Brooch conversion necklaces

The ultimate recycling excercise….Victorian ‘brooch conversion’.

Bird of Paradise Diamond...

Each item of Annina Vogel’s jewellery is completely unique and never to be repeated. An impressive collection of rare antique British gold charms and chains are available to choose from to create your own bespoke piece.

The materials are sourced from a wide range of antique markets and vintage jewellery fairs all over the country. Annina’s mission is to save as much Antique Gold as possible in its original form such as brooches, studs, and charms, transforming and reviving it into something contemporary and fashionable, presenting it in a different way whilst maintaining the integrity of its original character.

Annina”s passion is rescuing and reviving antique gold jewellery. She personally sources each and every piece before deciding what it will emerge as and can be found most Saturday mornings trawling London’s Portobello market for the rare and unusual. Born in London, she spent most of her early childhood in San Francisco and then returned to England at the age of 12. Annina started collecting vintage gold charms at the age of 8. Each item of jewellery by Annina Vogel is one-of-kind. Her creations are an exquisite form of re-incarnation…giving antique jewellery new life.

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