Eco Icon No. 7

‘Drip’ table  by Emiliano Godoy

Emiliano Godoy ‘s ‘drip table’, which is manufactured by pirwi+ proteak.  is made from many small pieces of FSC certified thinning teak.

‘the idea for the drip table came out of several months of thinking about the manufacturer’s capabilities and looking for a way to express them by showing their virtues. proteak are converting old farming and grazing grounds, now nutrient depleted and unproductive, into sustainably managed (and FSC certified) teak plantations. when they buy  land, if there’s still some rainforest left- they keep it and protect it.’

Emiliano explained the inspiration for his new concept table : When a teak plantation is started from scratch you need to plant trees very close to each other, to create the right conditions for the forest to grow in terms of humidity, soil retention, shadow, etc. however, once the trees start to grow you have to cut some of them down to make space available for the rest. this process is called thinning, and it has to be performed every few years in the process of creating a mature and productive forest, and once it reaches a certain point, you only cut mature trees while you wait for the new ones to grow.’

This is the ultimate example of ‘working the problem’ using offcuts and thinning FSC certified wood supplies to create a work of beauty that inherently celebrates the natural properties of the wood and its delicate  grain  patterns while providing a form of re-incarnation for wood that would previously have been left abandoned as waste. A perfect fusion of design, functionality and sustainability .

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