Eco Icon No.10

Blue bottle organic coffee from the Plant Café Organic in San  Francisco.

100% organic certified coffee & milk with a smooth texture that packs a punch….served in a beautifully designed café using sustainable materials overlooking the waterfront on the Embacadero.

Their mission is to offer delicious, fresh, …all organic food at affordable prices.

Wherever possible, they rely on only the best quality local produce. In many cases, food has been growing  only a day or two before it is served to their customers. When it is not available locally, they search the  globe in their quest for the best organic, natural or artisan quality ingredients as reflected in their coffees, teas, and spirits. Their recipes combine a healthy set of ingredients in order to provide the utmost in taste, and nutritional value. The Plant Organic café is setting the benchmark for new ways of feeding ourselves without starving our planet….taste, nutrition and style….without compromise.

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