Eco Icon No.13

Transient jewellery collection by Wieteke Opmeer

Wieteke Opmeer has designed a series of ‘ Living necklaces’ a  jewellery  collection of  a temporary nature ,  fashioned out of water soluble fabric and seeds of wild flowers, some colored with green tea. The pieces can be worn but as they are natural ‘one off’ pieces made of water soluble fabric, water souble thread, flower seed mixture  and natural green dye they have an inbuilt natural life span after which time they dissolve slowly by contact with fluids (perspiration, rain, etc.). When each of the necklaces cannot be worn anymore, or when the owner feels the need to part with it, it can be placed on a nice spot in a natural environment.where it will dissolve and later, wild flowers will grow on that spot re-integrating itself with the earth . An exquisite example of  natural recycling ……where we  feed the soul and the planet….

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