Eco.Icon No.16

Kevin Murphy all natural hair products



Kevin Murphy Angel Wash













Created by uber hair guru Kevin Murphy in Australia, their products contain essential oils that are naturally superior to man-made substances. They act as bio-catalysts, performing natural regenerative, moisturising and strengthening functions. All KEVIN.MURPHY products are paraben free and sulphate free.

With a clear mission to reduce environmental harm ,as a company they consider the environment in all their business decisions and try as much as possible to find cleaner, more sustainable methods of doing business.

Their beautifully designed  bottles and tubs can be recycled so they don’t end up in land-fill. Whenever possible, they make our outer packaging from post consumer waste to avoid the need for trees to be chopped down.

Adressing the carbon footprint issue and by accepting Australia is such a long way from the USA and Europe, their two largest markets, in a pioneering move they have decided to move the manufacturing and distribution of KEVIN.MURPHY products to the USA. This will remove the need to ship full product to the USA and reduce the shipping distance to Europe by more than half. These decisions will substantially reduce the carbon dioxide emitted by the KEVIN.MURPHY business from shipping. KEVIN.MURPHY will remain a completely Australian owned and run business.

They do not test any of our products on animals.

The KEVIN.MURPHY range is based upon the “no worries” Australian philosophy. Australian culture is relaxed, natural and cool and this is reflected in our product range and packaging.

KEVIN.MURPHY products give life to hair through the use of high levels of natural ingredients and essential oils that treat the hair and spirit during use.

Hair styles are created with weightless hold, meaning that the hair looks natural, product free, is never crunchy and can be brushed or combed with ease. Styles can be re-dressed throughout the day without the need for washing.

The product range is  as innovative and directional as the recycled packaging….and to find both combined within one product range worthy of eco icon is the company itself for ‘walking the talk’…..

submitted to FInding Eco by Paula Moore from San Francisco

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