Series 2.Eco Icon No.4

‘Re-vive’ dining legs  by COHDA

It’s often the simplest and most obvious ideas that no one has actually thought of- that impress the most. A case in point are the ‘re-vive ‘table leg series designed and manufactured by Cohda.

The legs can be added to any flat material to create a uniqe table solution.  The tables aim to offer a unique furniture design without adding to the problems of new product manufacture. Made from steel the legs are produced in the UK from previously redundant production equipment that has now been revived by Cohda.

Attached and removed within seconds and without the need for expertise or tools, the legs can be used to produce a variety of permanent and semi permanent dining/desk height tables, in various scale, depth and surface diameters. With the addition of Re-vive legs most rigid panels (previously discarded as waste) can be revived into uniquely individual pieces of furniture. Available in two heights – for coffee tables or dining tables …any flat surface can now be transformed into a table. Recycling at it’s best.

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