Series 2.Eco Icon.No 8

‘Esteira Screen ‘ by Etel  Carmona

New York based Brazillian designer Etel Carmona works with FSC certified woods to create this undulating room divider screen. With organic flowing curves this screen gives a contemporary twist to a practical piece of furniture. Made with 100% FSC certified Brazilian Freijo wood, the screen contributes to the preservation of Brazil’s precious rainforests.

Etel Carmona heads her own furniture-making company, Etel Marcenaria, which sets an important standard in the design and manufacture of furniture in Brazil. The company’s guiding philosophy reflects the pioneering spirit of its owner. The preference for certified wood – meaning ecological cutting, the preservation of young trees and sustainable forest management – demonstrates the high ethical standards of this avant-garde designer. This same social awareness is what prompted the studio to become a studio-school. The pieces have no superfluous adornments, and bear clean structural lines, with perfect finishing. Traditional woodworking techniques like marquetry are combined with new finishing methods using gold dust, copper, natural polishing and textures, effectively linking each design to the best of past and present surface styling.

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