Series 2. Eco icon No.9

Solar powered ‘Lux’necklace by Mae Yokoyama

Mae Yokoyama brings technology into the world of haute couture and show how to transform the sun’s solar rays into a beautiful and functional sculptural and iconic piece of jewellery.

This exquisite graphic almost two dimensional  solar panel necklace, created by Swedish student designer Mae Yokoyama, is made from mini solar panels and embellished with tiny LED bulbs. The ‘Lux’ necklace made of solar panels, accumulates energy during daytime. When the sun goes down a string of pearls is illuminated, turning the functional look of the solar panels into a subtle and fashionable necklace. After harvesting energy from the sun, the bulbs light up like a string of luminous pearls, turning, in Yokoyama’s own words, “energy into beauty.”

Spectacular eco design, reconciling a brilliant concept with exquisite execution…..s definite ‘eco icon’ must have…

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