Series 2.Eco Icon No.10

Recycled ‘Cascade‘ Chandelier by Russ Hagan

Waste not‘ lighting collection made from recycled plastic utensils

This spectacular reworking of discarded plastic utensils was designed by Russ Hagan  as part of  the WASTE NOT Lamps series -a  student project from Appalachian State University called BDV Collective ( Black Valley Collective ). The Collection  featuring light fixtures prepared from 100% post-consumer plastic utensils was inspired by the shocking mount of plastic utensils wasted with every meal service in fast-food restaurants.

The Waste Not project transformed worthless, used plastic trash  into a  luxury design object. The designers BVDC  were struck by the amount of disposable utensils being wasted with every meal. The group took up collecting used utensils from tables and began to test the plastic’s limits by melting, bending and stretching the pieces to see what new forms were possible to be created.  The aim of the project was primarily to create awareness about the kind of plastic waste generated by such smaller units and the possibilities of reintegrating that waste into functional capacities again.

The final collection has given us pause for thought on the impact of  ‘throw away ‘  culture associated with the consumption of fast food and ‘second life’ to the detritus left by its consumption…turning a negative into a positive through the creation of an exquisite lighting collection that is both recycled, functional and witty…and if you’re ever short of a knife or fork…..

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