Series 2.Eco Icon No.14

Moss ring‘ by ON ZA LINE

The Garde as Science Fiction

ON ZA LINE is a Tokyo based creative product design team with a difference. Their starting point for each collection is rather than have a specific destination in mind – is more of a creative journey of discovery.

Each piece  starts with no specific definition of what it will become,as they say “It is always a mystery what may come out of the partnership between the medium and our creative processes”, an attitude which has so far resulted in a collection of iconic, unique and witty ceramic designs featuring rings, necklaces, cups and chandeliers.

Each item is carefully hand-made with minimal wastage , a lengthy process which requires that each item be limited edition. They enjoy the reaction people have to their work and try to instill in each item what they see as the true essences of life, moods, sentiments, passion, atmosphere and time.

ON ZA LINE are especially interested and excited about what impacts can be made on people’s lives who come across their work. They are mindfully aware of the invisible and true existences of life, such as moods, sentiments, atmosphere, and time.

Each one of their products is carefully hand-made. This requires a great deal of time and passion. Therefore they only make up to fifty pieces of each product. They hope that their products are found by whom  they are meant to be. This is why they keep their products on sale for as long as they last. As they state “These ideas and attitudes are the gems that come out of us.They give life to what we do, and allow us to savor the pleasure and freedom of our artistic expressions”.

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