Series 2.Eco Icon No.17

Filigree paper chair ‘ by Ryuji Nakamura.



This delicate, filigreed  creation is in fact a chair made entirely of paper  by Japanese architect Ryuji Nakamura.  Called Hechima 4, this seemingly fragile work -like an unravelling ball of string and not un reminiscent of a 3D  rendition of a paper doily- (the type that is used to line cake platters.)…is an extraordinary piece of design and  is in fact extremely sturdy and functions beautifully both as an ephemeral chair and work of art.

His previous collection featuring  the chair Nima, also explores the possible lateral uses of paper in the creation of design pieces which challenge our perceptions of the material in the creation of exquisitely delicate furniture pieces which seem to defy both the material and structure of their designs.

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