Series 2.Eco Icon No.18

Dram‘ Chandelier by Propellor



Propellor Design is a Canadian lighting company based in Vancouver that uses           recycled domestic products-in this case salvaged drinking glasses, to make iconic     design objects.

Their focus is to create  directional sustainable design as both sculptural and functional objects. Their Dram Chandelier made of 120 mismatched old disused glass tumblers that they had been collecting for years -is witty, fun and great to look at. Propellor makes all of its products, lighting and furniture, with sustainability as their core philosophy- and so many of their pieces are made from eco-friendly resins, or salvaged glassware or fsc certified woods.

With it’s jewel coloured hues..the ‘Dram’ chandelier hangs resplendent ….with echoes   of bygone parties resonating from every glass…..

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