Series 2.Eco Icon no.19


Leaf plates‘ by verTerra




Verterra   is the brainchild of environmentalist,  Michael Dwork. While doing an internship in India, he encountered a woman pressing water soaked leaves into a make shift waffle iron. She then pulled out the plate and used it to serve food she was selling. It was an epiphany for Dwork and he spent the rest of his summer and his business school years at Columbia University MBA program refining Verterra’s dinnerware.

The plates are made from organically-grown palm tree leaves from India. The fallen leaves, which would traditionally have been burned on the roadside, are collected, sterilized, steamed and pressed into plates. The process uses no chemicals, glues or bonding agents, and over 80% of the water used during the steaming and pressing process is recaptured and recycled. Verterra’s plates are 100% natural and biodegradable!as they are made of 100% renewal and compostable fallen leaves and water, and best of all, do not contain any chemicals, waxes, dyes or harmful toxins.

The Company simply applies steam, heat and pressure to the fallen leaves to create this disposable dinnerware, which will naturally biodegrade in two months. According to the VerTerra, you can throw them  into the composter and if you don’t YET  have a composter they will decompose in a landfill.

Verterra tableware are fair trade products as well. All products are made in South Asia where their employees receive a fair wage, work in safe conditions and have access to health care.

Definately a product that ticks all the  design ,environmental and fairtrade boxes….how inspiring….

One thought on “Series 2.Eco Icon no.19

  1. Thanks much for the honor of being featured in your Eco Icon series!

    We’re very proud of our product, and happy to have continually fine tuned the process, bringing down the price to a very reasonable level, making the plates even more sturdy then the already were, and now, diverting 15 tons of Palm leaves a month that would have been burnt. None of those leaves goes to waste either, since we powder the production scraps into fertilizer, usable by the farmers we get the leaves from.

    If anybody has questions about Verterra, I’ll be tracking comments and will follow up to answer.

    If you or anybody is looking to buy these, we’re now in roughly 300 stores and several places online. About half of Whole Foods stores carry Verterra now. For what’s near you, go to and click the Store Locator in the top right corner. Also if you’re hosting a large event or are a restaurant, we offer steeply discounted prices for large quantities on our own store,

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