Series 2. Eco Icon No.20

Bold‘ sofa by Sanserif Creatius



Designer Ana Yago , two time winner of International Furniture Fair of Valencia (FIM), s renamed Habitat Valencia Forward, has created a multifunctional team of designers interested in redefining spaces and objects, interiors, structures and installations with their core philosophy being sustainable design.

The ‘Bold’ sofa is the latest proposal by Ana Yago and Jose Antonio Gimenez, who have formed  Sanserif Creatius, in collaboration with Grupo La Plana, ‘ Bold ‘is a typographical chair developed in corrugated cardboard . This new work forms part of their iconic  furniture collection based on letters and punctuation. This ergonomic design that mimics the contours of the letter “b”, is completed with an adjustable cushion that can be stored in a vacuum at the base of the chair. The piece is 100% biodegradable , highlighting the environmentally sustainable  creative policy that began seven years ago with Sanserif ‘s collaboration with the Group’s Flat and After creating  ecological and sustainable alternative to traditional furniture industry.

B is for beautiful……Best eco practices…..Brilliant design….!

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