Series 3. Eco Icon No.2

Honey Comb shelves’ by Unto this last


London based Unto This Last produces beautiful, organic in form and immaculately crafted wood furniture to order. The plywood comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified, responsibly managed forests in Latvia and Finland. Everything is cut by an automated machine at the back of the workshop and delivered in a weekly van around London using  no packaging to minimise environmental damage.

Instead of shipping and storing furniture, Unto This Last have a stock of sustainably harvested Latvian and Finnish plywood. When an order is placed it is manufactured to order. “This system allows us to offer most of our products in a wide range of sizes with a variety of finishes” ,enabling them to offer a bespoke product range that can be adapted to suit their client’s aesthetic and budget.

Working in this way  simplifies logistics and cuts costs” we do without warehousing, transportation or packaging. This is what allows us to offer their products at prices that compete with mass-production, in spite of our reduced scale.”

Now, instead of the massive infrastructure of the larger high volume furniture companies there is a growing network  a network of local small companies that  can make furniture locally, distribute it locally and keep the labour and investment local. According to the company : “we plan to grow by duplicating our workshop in other locations, for our client’s convenience, and the pleasure of making things differently.”.

With brilliant eco sensitive design  coupled with the ‘slow design’ and buy local philosophies seem to provide a ‘win’win’ option all round…..!’Eco Must haves in the making……

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