Series 3. Eco Icon No.3

Colour block lightsfrom the ‘Entrelinhas‘ collection.

Entrelinhas collection


This high impact new lighting collection by Brazillian company Componeneti is driven by their quest for sustainable  design . Their mission is a constant search for technology and innovation through actions that reduce environmental impact and contribute to people’s quality of life.

They combine technology and a craftsmanship , recognizing in design the true source of creation and innovation for their line of  products .

The ‘Entrelinhas’ ( in between the lines in Brazillian)  collection, was created by Componenti  in partnership with Marton + Marton, who together developed the “Entrelinhas” collection, creating striped effects by combining strips of Methacrylate a totally recycled product .The idea arose during an electrical shortage, in order to disguise the infamously ecologically friendly light bulbs. This project united creativity and innovation from Marton + Marton with the technology of Componenti adding a new  three dimensional effect  to a previously two dimensional laminate collection of the same name.“Entrelinhas”.

Methacrylate® is a 100% recyclable raw material, which can be developed to expand the products inherent qualities while being formed into contemporary shapes with a qualit and lightness of touch..

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