Series 3. Eco Icon No.6

Olsen Haus A/W 09  footwear collection

At first glance The Olsenhaus footwear collection appears to have all the ‘fashion forward’ design elements that you would expect from a directional , young dynamic design company. What makes Olsenhaus so unusual is that their entire collection is Vegan and 100% eco friendly. Their shoes make a mark in fashion terms without leaving a footprint in environmental terms.

The concept of Olsenhaus is to showcase alternative materials that are clever, sophisticated, fun and on trend, while promoting consciousness through example and education. Their focus firmly remains on what their goods are made of, why, and attention to the impact on the environment, animals and people. In addition, Olsenhaus works to change the face of what a vegan person looks like and work to make a difference, without sacrifices. It is all about style, truth, and the shift in consciousness to a new luxury.

The philosophy of Olsen Haus is anchored in a dedication to the expression of  truth in the material world. They are committed to being 100% animal-free / cruelty-free, producing functional goods, with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and  the environment. Products are made of non-animal materials, in sample rooms and factories that are personally checked for ethical practices & environmental impact.

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