Series 3. Eco Icon no.9

Pointettos‘ by Esque Design




These exquisite glass vases with their milky white translucency and melting organic fluid forms are by Esque Design.  Esque was formed  through a collaboration between Justin Parker and Andi Kovel. The duo have worked together for the past 10 years, managing every aspect of Esque, from  the design and creation of their products through  to  the packing and shipping.

Esque’s new studio was built with a very clear and focused policy of creating sustainable design in an eco- rationalised environment that reduces manudacturing emissions to a minimum by using cutting-edge technology to reduce waste and gas consumption. In order to achieve this Justin and Andi   built two electric furnaces that run four times more efficiently than traditional gas furnaces by running them on sustainable wind power.

Every day, approximately 100 pounds of excess glass is recycled into a smaller furnace. This glass waste is then re-used to produce their Eco-line, the Delano-Esque line and a new line of 100% recycled, chemical free products.

Every detail down to the way they  pack their glass follows their ‘green’ policy with 50% of the packaging materials used, being made from  re-claimed biodegradable peanuts .

As a fully compliant , environmentally friendly  company their work is rendered all the more outstanding because there is no compromise to be found either in the design of  their covetable glass-ware collection or in the quality of  their production.

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