Series 3. Eco Icon No.14

‘UM’ bag by Josh Jakus

Shoulder BagShoulder Bag - Click Image to Close

Josh Jakus is  a designer  based in Berkeley, California who is dedicated to exploring the connections between form and function. When people use one of Josh’s products, they experience the way his product was conceived and developed . He achieves this by using materials in their simplest form so their intrinsic qualities show through .

Josh founded his design practice in 2005 as a way of continuing his lifelong interest in the nature of structure, space, and materials. An architect by training with an M.Arch from UC Berkeley, Josh uses his understanding of the built environment and how it is inhabited , in the creation of his designs.

He developed the UM bag collection through two  self imposed creative challenges: The first, to make use of the unique properties of 100% industrial pressed wool felt, which is made from approximately 85% factory excess wool and 15% mixed fibers. exploring its density, texture, pliability, and strength. And the second, to transform a flat surface using only the simplest of operations. When unzipped, UMs lay completely flat for dry cleaning, storage, or travel.

This ingenious design is the result of its simplicity , architectonic lines and elemental construction– the bag is nothing more than two layers of a cleverly shaped piece of felt and a zipper.

Definitely no wastage to be found anywhere…with this elemental, recycled, rationalised  design with minimal manufacturing process……practical and covetable….

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