Series 3. Eco Icon No.17

‘Cork cuff ‘ by Donna Piacenza

Cork Cuff

Designer Donna Piacenza of Chicago based Studio 1 am ( see Eco.Icon No.15) designed this sculptural jewellery piece made enriely from recycled cork with the packaging forming an integral part of the design. The cork used comes from the wine bottling industry. Discarded corks are ground up and formed into blocks using environmentally-friendly adhesives. then each cuff is cut from a single block of cork, which can then be used to store the jewelry, or simply as a display piece of design inrelief form.

The holistic approach to her concept of including the block of cork as part of the whole piece stems from Piacenza’s regard for jewelry as a continuously interactive object. So often the packaging of a jewellery piece is disregarded and generally discarded . By contrat the Cork Cuff can be displayed in its own block makes it an iconic piece of eco design.

We rarely see cork in products that venture beyond the realm of basic utility, such as bottle stoppers, bulletin boards and flooring, however Studio 1 am’s pioneering and visionary use of cork demonstrates that this renewable, recyclable, and flexible material has multi- use potential when coupled with the visionary designs of the designers at Studio 1 am.

Cork Cuff - Click Image to Close

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