Series 4. Eco Icon no.1

‘Compote’ bowl by Wasara

compote by WASARA - Click Image to Close

Japanese designer  Shinichiro Ogata  has designed this  biodegradable, throw away collection of tableware …that’s as exquisite as it’s  eco..for the   brand Wasara.

The underlying concept for Wasara is the  japanes aesthetic and value system. Focusing on the experience of ‘design’ as well as its aesthetic and sustainablility, according to Ogata ‘the experience of holding a plate in one’s hands should make the heart skip’ . This collection of eco- friendly tableware is imbued with a spiritual richness and represents the philosophy of Wabi Sabi immaculately.

The ‘Compote ‘ bowl by Wasara is a perfect example of their design philosopy. Designed as a single-use, biodegradable and compostable piece to accentuate whatever foods it contains.elevates disposable tableware to a whole new level.

Offering the best in Japanese design, Wasara products fit comfortably in the hand, with an elegant texture and sturdy quality that are unparalleled in the category.. Made from tree-free renewable materials (sugar cane fiber and reed pulp), and fully biodegradable and compostable, Wasara definitely could sit around the metaphorical table comfortably with ‘finding eco’s ‘ mission of feeding the soul without starving the planet.

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