Series 4. Eco Icon No.3

Single diamond gold disc earrings by Tracy Matthews

Ruff&Cut are one of a pioneering new generation of jewellery companies working with named designers to produce fashion forward yet environmentally conscious collections of iconic jewellery pieces.

Ruff & Cut purchase their raw materials from socially responsible sources. For transparency, each piece of jewellery is accompanied by a certificate of specific origin.

New York based designer Tracy Matthews was commissioned to produce this elemental, textural  and beautiful collection of pieces using 18K recycled gold and sustainable rough cut diamonds.

Ruff & Cut’s sustainable philosophy is born of the  vision of its founder Wade Watson. With the launch of this new brand, Watson aims to engender the same passion in the consumer that he has found for upholding socially minded capitalism, by providing the consumer with socially responsible luxury jewellery that supports development in impoverished African mining communities.  With years of experience in the diamond business, Watson has successfully created a socially responsible brand that will set the standard for ethical product development He says “.because we believe that, ironically, in this ever more connected world of ours, we are drifting further and further away from the things that once grounded and enriched us—the very things that mark us out as truly special.”

Watson believes  that, “like intellect, conscience should be worn lightly.”

Easily achieved with this covetable  jewellery collection of eco-icons….

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