Series 4. Eco Icon No.6

Upcycled’ Mac ‘Jewellery by Lauren AnabelaBeaudoin

Designer Lauren Anabela Beaudoin, founder of Creative Dexterity has created this collection  of upcycled jewellery using upcycled keys from disused Macs, a must for any self confessed Mac addict…or for that matter anyone with great taste and a sense of humour. With messages that can be gifted with a touch of irony….Beaudoin’s Computer Key collection features Mac laptop keys, with or without semiprecious jewels. The range includes cuff links, tie pins, earrings, necklaces and rings, all featuring the iconic Mac keys like the power, eject, option, and command buttons.

She now also makes to orders and can create pieces with any of the keys—like the letter keys for an initials or one of the function keys. Most of Beaudoin’s line of jewellery uses found objects or upcycled items, as well as refined recycled sterling silver.

No wastage in the design or execution of a briliant concept  ….I adore the simplicity of the design where the Mac key is really the hero….a definite eco icon in the making… where’s that escape key????

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