Series 4. Eco Icon No.10

Ila beyond organicskincare range

ila is the Sanskrit word for earth and is the name of the Hindu Goddess of truth, who is associated with flow and refreshment.  There is a sacred place in Northern India at the confluence of the Sarasvati and Drishdvati Rivers.  The place is known as Ilayaspada or the place of Ila, and it is called the holiest place on the earth in Vedic texts.  Absolutely everything in Ila skincare products comes from a plant or mineral – and nothing else.  This stems from their faith in the power of nature as the source of real wellbeing.

Founder Denise Leicester has spent a lifetime understanding and exploring the dynamics of healing. She is qualified as a registered nurse, aromatherapist and yoga teacher, and has studied both Eastern and South American healing traditions.

She is passionate about what the ila skincare and spa concepts can offer women, who want an effective and more natural solution to their beauty and health needs, and increasingly men, who also seek help in balancing their lives and rediscovering vitality and true wellbeing. Her skincare range is designed to create a new depth to skin care, nourishing and nurturing beauty in men and women at a deeper and more satisfying level, offering nature’s energy, purity and balance as the timeless solution.

ila’s philosophy is encapsulated in their maxim: Beyond Organic®. ila’s skincare range is completely free from synthetic chemicals and contains a rare level of organic purity which is achieved by sourcing the finest ingredients directly from local producers who cultivate and harvest the raw ingredients in harmony with nature. ila’s artisan skincare products are hand blended in a consciously created environment of peace and purity in the heart of the English countryside, to ensure that the finished holistic products contain all the exquisitely pure energy from nature. In these ways, our products are truly Beyond Organic®.

Ila’s sustainable philosophy carries through to their  packaging which is fresh ,bright and dynamic like the range itself and is fully recyclable. A perfect product for the 21st C eco aware woman.

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