Series 4. Eco Icon No.11

‘Typo’ chair by Michael Bom

Bomdesign is a dutch design studio formed by Michael Bom and Antoinet Deurloo. These two ‘artist-designers’ use discarded materials as the inspiration for their work. They explore the possibilities of recycling materials from both a creative and a technical perspective  that have resulted in a collection of dynamic and original pieces.

The typographic, abstract  ‘Typo’ chair does what it says on the packet…it uses discarded billboards as its source material and was clearly the  source of inspiration for Michael Bom.  Made from recycled billboards of Finnish Birch multiplex each of the chairs are unique , original , well made and comfortable!  The ‘Typo ‘chair is a real eye catcher for both residential and commercial uses . The graphic  nature of the  design complements the stark quality of the  billboard graphics melding the pared down elementalism of the Noughties with echoes of  50’s style Russian constructivism.

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