Series 4. Eco Icon No.13

‘Upcycled ‘tile lamps‘ by Lee Broom

Designline Licht - Produkte: Lee Broom, Tile Lamp   - Tischleuchten

British designer Lee Broom has taken vintage disused tiles as the inspiration for his lighting collection. His pieces incorporating a sense of history via the glossy patina of the tile clad lamp bases, melding the contemporary with a sense of cultural heritage. Broom’s vision was to create an original collection that lookes like “as if someone had a little piece of history in their home,”

The lamps are manufactured in two sizes, with white cotton shades and are also available finished in blue tiles and white ( as shown) with a special small run limited  edition in red and black  available to order. Delightfully simple concept….where less is more textural and more covetable!

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