Series 4.Eco Icon No.18

Iconic eco jewellery by Maria Mastori

Filep motwary maria mastori votre beaute 2009 march

Greek, Athens based designer Maria Mastori’s has launched her latest collection of  ‘ Super size me’  jewellery featuring an eclectic mix of materials, successfully mixing  bright neon-colored threads with gold, crystal, wood and onyx. As a designer  Maria now has a cult following of loyal fans who are drawn to her distinctive, unique pieces which are all upscale, bold and all have an inherent ‘wow’ factor.

Maria  was born in Athens in 1959 .As a teenager she already had a clear idea of the direction she would follow and took art and design courses and at the same time as taking classes on jewellery design and production. Since 1984 she started taking part in group exhibitions with her works. n 1988 she presents her first personal exhibition entitled “The Ships” using silver as her main material.

The catalyst for her connection with fashion accessories was her collaboration with the Couture designer Loukia in 1998. Her second collaboration in fashion started in the spring of 2005 with designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades and in 2006/07 with Angelos Bratis.

Her longest standing and most creative collaboration has been with womens wear designer Filep Motwary. They started working together in 2005 and recently presented their collection together at the Hellenic Fashion Week. In February 2008, she was chosen through the web community of IQONS.COM by design guru Zandra Rhodes as her favorite jewellery and accessories designer.

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