Series 4. Eco Icon No.19

‘Second hand plate series’ by karen Ryan

guilt by by karen ryan.

Multi award winning , multi talented designer Karen Ryan has been working on her ‘Second Hand Plate collection for the past five years. Having completed her MA in design products at the Royal College of Arts, London she has used her talents across several disciplines including graphic design, furniture and accessory design.

Karen explains her concept behind her ‘Second Hand Plates’ collection.

“I damage second hand old plates. I remove the decorative patterns that camouflage our everyday lives and in its place I leave words that prick our conscience and create portraits of hidden domesticity left open for others to interpret.”

for the love of it by by karen ryan.

‘For the love of it’ Plate 2009 /Part of the ‘Second Hand’ Plates Collection.

Karen also walks the talk in terms of sustainable living ” In June this year I received an email from a shoe designer asking if I would be interested in trading one of my plates for a pair of shoes designed by her. I love the idea of bartering, trading skills rather than money and so I agreed.
I am now the proud owner of a beautiful pair of blue shoes.”

Every plate is a one-off unique commentary….a collecter’s piece……worthy of eco icon status.

second hand by by karen ryan.

Lies.Trilogy in Willow Pattern 2009. Part of the Second hand Plate series 2005 /9

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