Series 5. Eco Icon No.6

Eco rubber ‘Kelly‘ bag by UmmaGumma

According to founder/ designer Fausta Zambelli- the birth of Ummagumma came from her early appreciation of  the  properties of rubber while working in the tire recapping company founded by her paternal grandfather in 1919.
Hailed as a  visionary and creative “tire repair woman”, Fausta -designer, stylist, and artist has founded a business based on  transforming old inner tubes into a collection of iconic , fashion and homeware accessories.

According to fausta “recycling is all about giving new function to things that have outlived their original use. Materials like plastic, steel, aluminum, and wood can all be recovered and put to precious new application inside the home. Eco-design is an offshoot of Industrial Design that combines respect for the environment, sustainable growth, and creative fantasy. ”

More than a passing fashion trend, Ummagumma’s re-assembly and reinvention of old tire inner tubes into uniquely contemporary new eco objects points straight to the planet’s survival.

By recovering offcuts and recyclable materials from the tire repair trade and using high-quality hides and accessories usually employed in top end leather ware, the Collection combines the organisation and precision of an industrial production cycle with the passion and care of hand made italian craftsmanship .The natural and versatile qualities of rubber – when combined with butyl – have amazing characteristics of strength, stretch, and are 100% waterproof. And with prolonged use, rubber even softens and “ages” as gracefully as the finest leather.
Each product is produced in limited  edition series and is trademarked by laser. All materials are selected and processed in Italy using the same procedures adopted for leather ware with the rubber being worked as if it were a leather hide.
For the eco and style conscious fashionista….I can see a ‘Kelly’ style waiting list for the latest Ummagamma eco icon….

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