Series 5. Eco Icon No.9

Michelle Lowe-Holder’s off-cut jewellery collection


Canadian born Michelle Lowe-Holder studied fashion at the legendary Pratt Institute in New York before coming to London where she went on to complete an MA in knitwear at renowned art school Central Saint Martins. After graduating in 2000, she decided to stay in London and launched her own-name label . Michelle has shown at London Fashion Week and achieved three New Generation awards. She’s been building up a following for her lateral, unique collections which incorporate  hand crafted   elements such as knitting, beading, handpainting and prints as well as smocking and integrated jewellery pieces that form part of her fashion collection.

This exploration of textures and textiles led her to express her creativity through jewellery as well as her core fashion collections. Her commitment to sustainable design led to her being sponsored by London College of Fashion’s enterprising program for ethical designers , The Centre for sustainable fashion . She designed a new collection that occupied a central space at Estethica this year , launching her new collection of reclaimed ribbon and off-cut based designs. Michelle said of her new collection:

‘Ribbon Reclaim’ is about creating something beautiful from end-of-line fabric and ribbon. I like to explore old techniques and re-use them in a contemporary way.”

The off-cut cuffs have been snapped up by eco-design hungry fashionistas and now can be seen adorning the A-list wrists of many a celebrity…..

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