Series 5. Eco Icon No.11

Johan Ku’s emotional sculpture collection’.

Taipei  born Johan Ku began his free-lance graphic design career when he was 17. His acclaim started before he’d graduated from his Ba & later MA courses in fashion and textile design in Taiwan where he was awarded numerous Fashion Design prizes. In 2005, shortly after graduation, Johan set up his own studio and  twice took part  in Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2007. His highly recognisable signature designs  feature dramatic over scaled sculptural  forms that are as textural as they are organic in their aesthetic. Called ‘the Emotional Sculpture collection’originally  created back by Johan in 2004, won the Avant-Garde Prize in Gen Art Style 2009 in New York. His work has been heralded a the  new rising star – “The Glory of Taiwan” by the fashion media.

In March 2010, Johan held his solo exhibition at the Taipei Fine Art Museum with his sculpture-like collections under the theme “Breakthrough”. His creations have been defined as a new form of fine art, as international art collectors queue to acquire his textural master pieces. Johan Ku is currently based in the UK; having recently enrolled a Central Saint Martins MA fashion course, the artist is currently launching his autobiography soon to be published in July 2010..which is bound to be as compelling visually as it will be to learn more about Johan’s unique combination of visionary talent combined with a drive and focus that belies his years.

If you want your art to be wearable, sustainable and collectable…johan Ku is your man.

3 thoughts on “Series 5. Eco Icon No.11

  1. LK: Es una pagina de escritores y poetas,.para poder entrar y leer mis escritos debes primero, mandar una solicitud,. pidiendo ser mi amiga,. entonces recien
    podras cuando yo acepte tu solicitud, entrar y leer a varios impoetantes escritores y poetas,. pintores,. artes plasticas de todo el mundo,.es una maravillosa pagina
    donde puedes encontrar,.las mas bellas artes plasticas,.oleos,.en fin lo mas bello del arte.Espero tu visia.,desde ya muy agradecida. BETH.

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