Series 5.Eco Icon No.12

Light readingchandelier by  Lucy Norman

British designer Lucy Norman has launched her latest design- the wittily titled ‘Light Reading’ which uses repurposed books to form the cylindrical shade,via her London based design studio Lula Lot.

According to Norman there are an enormous amount of  books that are printed each year to be read and then discarded. Although many are taken to charity shops, they mostly end up unsold and charities must then pay for books to be sent to landfill. As  there is currently no infrastructure in place to recycle paper books because the grade of paper is low and the removal of the  glue on the spine is very labour intensive…Lucy Norman has repurposed these books and has created an iconic retro inspired  chandelier.

Each individual page is folded in half, producing a circular arrangement that hangs around a dome. I love the idea that each shade contains a thousand stories…..that have been given a new life…literally lighting up our lives!

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