Series 5. Eco icon No.14

Second life couture necklaces by Charlotte Hosten

Montreal based Charlotte Hosten is a jewellery and accessories designer . Her unique iconic  fabric necklaces have become the axis upon which her clients base their outfits,  creating their look around the necklace.

Charlotte a self-taught designer, was born and raised in Belgium, but is now based in Montreal. At the age of 15 she instinctively learned to create jewellery . Her u.s.p  of creating fabric based necklaces was born of a happy accident when one day she couldn’t find  a suitable clasp for her creations. She then started to embroider beads onto fabric and ever since, her necklaces have become luxurious sculptures; sometimes made of one of a kind antique jewelry pieces or, for the custom made pieces, with the treasures her clients bring her. Charlotte Hosten’s work is now much featured in the international fashion press and as she states ” are proudly created in Montreal.”

Charlotte has a main focus for her design collections in addition to her creative direction …she is commited to ‘REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.’She says’ In order to minimize our negative impact on the environment, we make sure we recycle everything we can. We also try to stay away from the printer. Most of the trimming waste is kept to be reused and some of the necklaces (the sari collection for example) have been elaborated using almost only trimming waste. We use a lot of vintage beads, brooches and necklaces to which Charlotte Hosten gives a second life.”

Each of her unique couture pieces are completely original one off’s….and can be customised to include pieces of your own jewellery and fabrics….like a fashion forward living sculpture with echoes of the past…want one now!!

One thought on “Series 5. Eco icon No.14

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