Series 5. Eco Icon No.18

Paper Tea House’ by Shigeru Ban


Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has designed the Paper Tea House .The house is made entirely from recycled cardboard rectangular tubes, as is the table and four stools in the main room and the customary bench in the waiting area. By including details such as the waiting area, Ban is keeping the design of the house in line with traditional tea ceremony practice, yet has created an almost circuit board  like, avant garde interpretation of  one of the most classic cornerstones of Japanese culture.

Shigeru Ban is a visionary contemporary architect revisiting Western concepts of Modernism and traditional Japanese architecture responsible for the design of some of the most inspirational buildings across the globe. Dedicated to the exploration of basic geometric elements and innovative use of materials, Shigeru Ban has created unique structural solutions that employ a vision of rational and practical space while  respecting  the people that will inhabit these spaces . His works are formed around a nucleus of  reconciling the natural with the constructed while incorporating a third dimension of the life that will be lived within his structures.  Wabi -Sabi for the 21st Century.


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