Series 5. Eco Icon No.19

Recycled Rubber Couture necklaces byMy Sister’s Art’


Eco-artist Kathleen Nowak Tucci of   sister duo, My Sister’s Art recycles discarded rubber bicycle  inner tubing  into unique couture jewellery pieces.. Her recycled creations made the cover of  Italian Vogue  September 2010 issue and were featured in the oil-spill editorial featuring Kristen McMenamy .

Tucci  repurposed rubber pieces have been given a new life as statement  wearable  gallery worthy art  pieces. Tucci, who minored in biology in college, is an artist by trade (watercolor, ceramics, polymer clay, precious metals) and an environmentalist at heart. After noticing the inner rubber tubing that her local bike shops threw away on a regular basis, Tucci gathered an armful and began experimenting.

Although Tucci’s jewellery goes hand-in-hand with the current trend of statement pieces and layered necklaces, she said she has never looked to fashion for inspiration.”My sister Margaret was always my muse because she wears avant-garde clothing and likes dramatic jewellery,” she said.

“I have always been interested in design,” she said. “I use the medium of rubber for my inspiration. It is black, flexible and lightweight. I have used my previous experience in many other mediums, to construct and design the jewellery line, which has been driven by the medium.”

While Tucci’s hand-crafted necklaces, lariats, and bracelets are iconic creations and fast becoming collector pieces, they are also addressing a very unresolved land fill issue. Approximately 290 million scrap tires are generated each year in the United States alone, according to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. As tires don’t biodegrade easily and they’re rarely recycled and consequently they usually end up in landfills for perpetuity.

Though small in scope, My Sister’s Art is doing its bit to turn a potential environmental hazard into gorgeous accessories—better adorning us then destroying our world.

Tucci is already focusing on her next collection …for men! She said she has even more ideas than she can create, as she has been extra busy keeping up with the orders for the current line. Her new men’s line that will debut in November 2010.

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