Series 5. Eco Icon No.20

Suzuki Takayuki ethereal eco s/s 2011 collection





Japanese designer Suzuki Takayuki was born in 1975 in Aichi, Japan. With a background in graphic design , Suzuki was involved in the world of theatre, art and fashion before he decided to focus fully on fashion. His first fashion pieces were a collection of one-off pieces for musicians and for film and theatre productions. He then went on to launch his own label in 2003.
His philosophy is ” that individuals should not concentrate just on trends, but enjoy every minute of a garment’s life-cycle, even when it is worn out. ”  He is fervently eco-conscious when it comes to fabrics, and couples this with an incredible passion for   construction and detailing.He says”I have always been interested in natural materials and have always used them in my collection. I was more interested in the texture of the natural materials as the concept of my current collection is ‘the time and harmony’. It is important to me to know how my clothes age and that they will still be wearable when the time passes.” Being an eco-fashion designer, Takayuki has always believed in fusion of  nature, ecology, and a feel for humanity.
For Takayuki latest collection, he wanted to explore the interaction of  communication, so he named his latest collection “TANGLED  “. The collection is suspended by silk threads which form webs. Instead of using white and natural colours,  he has chosen black . “The concept that I have for this theme is like people and fashion, time and place from production to purchase, the relationship is like a string – one thing links to another which intrigues and inspires me and I like to explore.”

The dark yet ethereal beauty that encapsulates this collection,  generates a combination that feels directional and yet has a lyrical fragility. Exquisite to look at and cut to perfection… gorgeous to wear. Takayuki is definitely a rising star in Japan’s fashion circles and worthy of ‘Finding eco’s’ Eco Icon status.

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