Series 6. Eco Icon No.2

Soy Story‘ NYC

Highline Park, Reuse store, Green retail, New York green store, Bio-based foam wall, Leong Leong, Siki Im Store,

Siki Im‘ pop up store  New York

Building Fashion presents Siki Im + Leong Leong Building Fashion presents Siki Im + Leong Leong

New York based menswear designer Siki Im has collaborated with   Leong Leong designer/ architects to create  a 10 day pop-up  soy foam-covered concept store as part of Building Fashion, a series of collaborations between fashion designers and architects.

Located at 504 24th Street, just under the pioneering Zen gardens of the Highline- the Siki Im x Leong Leong Concept Store opened for 10 days from 5-15 November .

Both the interior and exterior are coated in textured soy-based foam giving the space a textural , organic skin.The store, which features a ramp-like sloping floor, is built around an existing structure that was formerly used as the sales office for the HL23 apartment building by architect Neil Denari.

Building Fashion is hosted by BOFFO and Spilios Gianakopoulos, with Pin-up Magazine and Project No. 8. It pairs fashion designers with architects to explore the cross polination between both areas.The space is filled end to end with large ramp-form that creates an unexpected gathering space with undefined programmatic possibilities.

The Soy-based spray foam was used to cover the interior and exterior of the structure creating a supple surface for inhabitation on which visitors are required to remove their shoes.

Small niches and ledges are carved into the foam to create areas for display and seating.
The clothes are embedded beneath the ramp on either end, encouraging visitors to explore the extents of the space and experience the clothes in very intimate environments.

Finding Eco loves the regeneration of the meatpacking district ….especially the new 3d layering  of high level lyrical gardens floating over organically formed soy based pop up fashion moments…..really loving watching that space!!!

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