Series 6. Eco Icon No.3

Architectonic ‘eco jewellery’ by Lisa Linhardt

two-finger engagement ring by linhardt

two-finger engagement ring that can flip into one ring

Eco fashion and bespoke jewellery designer, Lisa Linhardt, of  Linhardt Design ,New York ,says “lots of bling seekers have no idea what environmental impact their fashion choices have until they find her.” As a designer she is totally focused on making “beautiful, sculptural pieces” but without compromising the planet’s resources as she is  a ‘green gold jeweller.

Linhardt buys 100% recycled gold from casting houses and refineries that extract it from post consumer material as opposed to being newly-mined. She can also melt the jewellery you never wear to form something new in her studio that is constructed with reclaimed barn wood . Whether the jewellery was hand-fabricated or cast, Linhardt jewellery is made with recycled precious metals. Whenever possible, Linhardt explores the boundaries of traditional jewellery materials by incorporating organic matter, such as bone, wood, and more.

Linhardt’s designs are totally unique and embody an enviable fearlessness ,exploring standard practices of jewellery design and pushing them beyond the norm. The result is an artistic statement piece that communicates a sense of the individual without saying a word. Linhardt expands standard design limitations,viewing her pieces as sculpture and architecture on a small scale.

The ring ( featured above) was a commissioned piece inspired by another Lindgardt piece- a two finger ring. It is made of recycled gold with  a milky smooth vintage ivory cabachon that was custom cut specifically . This ring has the ability to flip on to itself and can be worn either as a one-finger ring…and is as beautiful as it is sustainable.

Linhardt is constantly inspired by artisans around the world and has often participated in projects that give back to the artisans and their communities. One project Linhardt continues to take a great interest in is a her affiliation with the Kenya Education Fund – where a portion of proceeds sold in the NYC Gallery sends an African girl to college in her home country.

This is the best of ‘no compromise’ design…. definitely  all beauty and no beast….iconic ,sustainable design at its very best.

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