Series 6. Eco Icon No.10

Ultimate bespoke interactive footwear collection” by Cedric Flazinski

According to  Netherlands-based designer  Cedric Flazinski his collection is the antithesis to laborious mass production which in addition to being slow is also inefficient, and inaccurate, and in terms of conserving our planet-wasteful. “Automatization and mass production,”  says Flazinski, “rely on the proactive use of a massive human effort, based on previsions of what ‘possibly’ could suit the need of a maximum of individuals at any given time.”

Flazinski has pioneered a new system based technology which Instead of offering subtle variations of the same product, enables designers to hand over creative control to the consumer. His MyDesigner collection of shoes, (now on display at the  Holon Design Museum  in Israel) takes  the concept of “made-to-order” to an entirely new level, becoming as he describes it “user-based rather than user-generated.

Before a the making process of single shoe is started, would-be customers generate a personal profile based on a visual questionnaire- a form of personal brand mission satement. This data is then translated into a collection of shape variables that ultimately will form the final product, one that expresses the individuality of the user, Flazinski adds, like a “personal flag.” Or as we at ‘finding Eco’ would say like a reading the rings of a tree trunk.

We are all unique and Flazinski has taken our uniqueness and turned it into a tangible covetable product…..easily attaining our Eco Icon status!

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