Series 6. Eco Icon No.12

“Tea Ceremony Chair” by Hiroki Takada

Hiroki takada was born in Suzuka Mie in Japan.He studies at the Okinawa Art University and went on to launch his own design practice Takada Design in 1996. His products spanned lighting, decoration and furniture all inspired by natural organic  forms.

This latest addition to his collection is new chair called  “tea ceremony chair 2010”. The chair was launched to much acclaim at the Tokyo Designers Week in 2010.

Made from bamboo the chair’s design is inspired by the form of a traditional tea whisk
used in japanese tea ceremonies. The base is split into thinner slats which forms
the elastic  backrest, being made of Bamboo it has strength and elegance of form and yet is flexible enough to have some  maliability to provide comfort and design..

Takada’s design philosophy resembles a beautiful  Haiku poem rather than a mission statement:-

“I want to make people impressed.
And, I want also to  impress me.
I want to do a new thing.
I want to see a beautiful thing.
I want to make the thing that time can be exceeded.”

The ‘less is more’ philosophy is working for Takada…no wastage in production or description….just the perfect marrying of form and function.

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