Series 6. Eco Icon No.13

Eco Victorianajewellery collection by Ka/POW/WOW

Scrappy Eco Jewelry

Central St Martins graduate Mia Morikawa used her personal collection of vintage, discarded and scrapped pieces of fabric to  created her KA/POW/WOW jewellery collection. The dramatic, up scaled statement necklaces are an original melding of recycled unique elemets and references to period costume pieces! A form of organic Victoriana hybrid as jewellery.

Inspired by natural structures and emotional landscapes Mia Morikawa learned the language of organic form while climbing mountains and crossing canyons. a self professed warrior of beauty. She is as she describes “currently living loving & laughing in india.” While continuing to produce  constructed and deconstructed textile pieces which are equisitely organic in both form and essence.

Her collection includes statement pieces made from thick white rope as well as more knitted designs. The looks are boldly designed to make a confident eco-statement, . Eco-poetry in motion….

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