Series 6. Eco Icon No. 15

Gretchen Jones‘ post ‘Project Runway’ eco-collection

There haven’t been many bohemian-minded designers on the show. There are many women living an alternative lifestyle. I happen to be that woman — a Marie Claire woman who goes from work to cocktails in a sustainable but beautiful way.”

Her new label will be launched under her own name and was inspired by a disparate gathering of sources spanning Frida Kahlo, Jean Michele Basquiat, Kurt Cobain, and the “experimental town” of Arcosanti in Arizona.

Her approach is both sustainable and fair trade.For materials, Jones sourced locally produced silk, wool, and organic-cotton suiting, as well as alpaca knits from a women’s co-op in Bolivia. But although she considers herself a conscious designer, the last she she wants to be is pigeon-holed as “green.” “I think that limits you and puts too much pressure on a label,” Jones tells us. “To me, supporting myself and my local economy mean more than the materials…I think our local economies are the key to supporting my industry.”

Each piece  of the new collection  is named after a  tarot card .“It’s important to name the collections and items like I do,” Jones explains, “because i feel I get to download each design with a special intimately connected to me. It’s like giving you a part of me.”

For a ‘part’ of Jones’s new collection :-


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