Series 6. Eco Icon No.18

Upcycled ‘fast furniture‘ by GODSPEED


Godspeed was formed on Christmas Eve 2008 in Tel Aviv, Israel, by Dutch designer  Joy van Erven and Finn Ahlgren from Sweden.

These Nordic duo established itself rapidly in Tel Aviv, Israel as a visionary contemporary design practice  with a lateral, rather unorthodox approach to design.

Using unconventional materials, their design mission was to innovate and re- create….through recycling and up cycling…but in record time…60 minutes to be precise!

Whenever there was a demand for furniture, Godspeed started assembling tables and chairs from scrap wood, found around the streets of Tel Aviv. All the pieces are made within a one-hour timeframe for optimal refreshing results in the design process and final outcome.

By using decayed scrap wood as the design tools, a new language was created. Through the aspect of the time limit, the sketching phase was eliminated and resulted into live sketching, a very important aspect in the randomness and improvisational items. Created out of necessity, serving a functional purpose and working on the border between art and design, Godspeed got to explore a new form of work ethic.

Eliminating the sketching phase and producing every piece by themselves, Godspeed fast became an unconventional designer’s brand, emphasizing the human aspect and usage of its products and offers a different perspective on daily life.

The usage of raw, scrap materials and the recognition and awareness of decay, on both materials and products, give new life to scrap materials and add a new value  to their re-incarnation.

Humor, straight forwardness, witty comments and solutions are significant to Godspeed’s  style. Take their name….very biblical…GODSPEED and yet look at their website’s name.…  either very tongue in cheek  or witty or perhaps the most honest mission statement you’ll ever find….you decide!!!!

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