Series 6. Eco Icon No.19

Natalie Smith’sgood enough to eatsugar coated jewellery

British designer Natalie Smith has created a collection of jewellery pieces that ARE literally good enough to eat. The perfect choice for any one with a sweet tooth- you can now wear your next sugar fix. Beyond the obvious novelty value of edible adornment …..Natalie explores  the concept of interactive, wearable art and takes it to a whole new level with her sugar-encrusted jewellery. Taking her  inspiration from dark doom laden fiction and themes of impermanence and disintegration, Smith forms  coloured sugar crystals into unique one-off creations.

Upon completion, each jewellery piece begins a life of transition  determined by the environment in which it’s worn and the ambient temperature of its surroundings- the more humid the conditions, the faster the sugar crystals melt,  gradually changing colour, and revealing the mix of metals and textures beneath their sugar coated exterior.

A real  multi functional, interactive and edible experience…turning your next sugar fix into a happening!!!

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