Series 6. Eco Icon No. 20

Verdi, Vans + Hermès‘...inspirational custom recycling.

Finding a stash of vintage Hermès, scarves in the back of his closet-  celebrity stylist and TV style guru Robert Verdi decided that he wanted to re purpose them into something he could wear (other than around his neck) so  Verdi called upon skate-shoe label Vans to up cycle several of his vintage Hermès, scarves into instantly iconic and acutely covetable unique custom made  sneakers, taking eco-luxe to another level.Since they’re made to order however, Verdi is the only person who will be wearing them anytime soon…..much to the chagrin and big-time envy of the rest of us!! Vans needs to harness this refashion project and push it into production NOW!

Vans is no stranger to sustainable footwear  Its latest attempt is the animal-free 106SF , a classic après-surf sneaker that features uppers made from hemp or recycled PET, treated with with water-based dyes and glues that are kinder to the environment.

By contrast as we know Hermès  isn’t about to win any ethical design” just yet, but at least they are taking some tenetative steps towards sustainability with the launch of their Petit H’ collection. , a series of “unidentified poetic objects” created from defective inventory and factory-floor leftovers. Under the direction of Pascale Mussard, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Thierry Hermès,  a series of eclectic one off pieces were created from ceramic, fabric and leather offcuts.

In the interim….let’s push for ‘walking the talk in style’ in vintage Hermes Vans!

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