Series 7. Eco Icon No. 4

Silvina Romero’s  vibrant sustainable jewelry collection

collar flores tejido       collar rollitos 1
collar palitos móvilcollar sauce vaina hilo de seda

Buenos Aires based desugner Silvina Romero has created a glorious, textural and vibrant collection of  sustainable jewelry or more accurately wearable art pieces. Using   recycled pieces of fabric and textiles. Silvina started working with  textiles scraps  during the height of the Argentinian economic crisis about 4 years ago , collecting  discarded pieces of scrap fabric, thread, nylon, and more in a neighborhood called Once, where many of fabric dealers and manufacturers were based. Silvina’s collections started out as ‘Green by default’ as she  transformed  ‘trash into treasure’ and has since achieved wide spread recognition  for her beautifully hand -crafted, and carefully considered  unique, limited edition pieces. Finding eco loves the organic natural shapes, the vibrant colours and the iconic shapes that Silvina creates as wearable art.

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