Series 7. Eco Icon No.5

 ‘Iconic Plastic ‘ images by Tomaas

Plastic Fantastic by Tomaas

Plastic Fantastic by Tomaas 6

Plastic Fantastic by Tomaas 5

The inspiration for these striking images for New York fashion  photographer Tomaas was ‘plastic’ in all its forms and formats. He used plastic cutlery, cling film, sheer plastic sheets, plastic bottles, straws and all manner of discarded plastic materials to create these iconic images.

Never ones to encourage the use of plastic…we at findingeco LOVE the  upcycling of plastic to create this series of  ‘plastic fantastic’ photo art. Far better for plastic to be preserved on a wall than in a landfill !

Reminiscent of some paintings of the great Dutch masters..these images are both sensational and inspirational .