Series 7. Eco Icon no.8

‘Eco PET Chaise  by Pawel Grunert



Pawel Grunert was born in 1965 in Warsaw. He graduated from the Facility of Interior Architecture at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1990 with his first ‘eco furniture collection’ called ‘My Private Chairs’. He then went on to take part in several design exhibitions in Poland and internationally, featuring his ever expanding repertoire of furniture objects, sculptures and interior design schemes.

His latest work ‘the ‘ Eco Chaise’ produced for the ‘Eco Trans Pop’ exhibition of ecological design at the Colombari Gallery in Milan, Italy. The  chair is made from PET bottles with a stainless steel frame. The bottles can be easily changed if they show signs of damage.The rhythm of hundreds of PET bottles creates an organic  undulating structure. For those of us still drinking water from plastic bottles Pawel has taken the transforming of the ordinary plastic bottle into an art form ,creating an extraordinary iconic  and unique form ,giving the ubiquitous water bottle a second life to be proud of.

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